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"Golosiivska Vesna" echo has not fallen quiet in the walls of our institution for a long time. This festival is not just a colorful and original performances, studio light board and awards. Fruitful cooperation, grueling rehearsals and the most important - friendship and mutual support are standing behind all this.

On April 26, a student theater studio "Zhar-Ptytsia", which for the originality of its performance speech was awarded with First degree diploma of the second stage of the festival "Holosiivska Vesna 2017" held in our institute, took part in the gala concert of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in Kiev. Our students worthy presented their work in the way of folk musical theater composition "Matchmaking at the fair," joining a large and friendly students family of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, where they are always warmly and sincerely greeted helped and supported.

In the period from 10.04.17 to 04.14.17. the week of Energy and Automation Department was held. This period was full of various activities for both teachers and students. Various contests, excursions, open classes were organized, namely:

04.10. 2017 a contest for the best electrician among the four groups was held. Students were offered theoretical and practical problems close to production conditions that form the professional training of future specialists. The student of E-51S group Khmarnyi B. won this contest.

Within thescientific circle"Modern economist", on March 31, 2017, there was held a meeting ofstudents of the faculty with the Deputy of Chairman of Regional StateOleh Valov.The main purposeof the event wasto acquaint students with the features oflocal communities unification andthe effectsof decentralization in the Ternopil region.

With theopening remarkscame out thedean of the Faculty of "Economicsand Environmental Management"LiubovYarema.

O. Valovdescribed thefeatures of passingthe decentralizationin the region,application of the European experienceof administrative and territorialreformation,problems oflocal communities functioning andtheir development prospects.

This meetinghas become an importanteventfor personal and professionaldevelopment of studentsand teachers ofEconomic Faculty.

Leaderof the circle,Ph.D., associate professorO.Zamora



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